Web Developer Confessions: How To Stop Doing The Most

WordPress is an Established Content Management System That Aims to Speed Up Your Web Development Time

Spend less time developing websites using WordPress and not writing every website from scratch. I have made the mistake of custom writing every application and writing a custom database for each site. Having a login portal allows yourself and your clients to edit basic content on each website. Along with, an admin panel saves you – the developer, hassle of doing edits yourself. Every WordPress installation includes an admin panel with a login portal. This admin panel can be used to edit widgets, install plugins and edit content. To summarize, WordPress allows creatives to push out their ideas and allows developers to get things done.

Creative Flow

spend less time developing websites using WordPress - Innovation
Time you spend creating custom solutions will cut deeply into your creative time. After all, a great idea doesn’t come along every day. Use your creative juices to cut down development time even further. Furthermore, think of ways around a problem you are facing with your web project. Spend less time developing websites and use WordPress to install a plugin that provides the functionality that you need. Then customize it to fit your theme.

Chain Linking

WordPress is great when it comes to linking content together. For example, a custom post type could be used for creating event listings, e-commerce products, subscriptions and more. Most plugins will be able to use these custom post types in addition to normal posts.


Spend less time developing websites using WordPress and make it simple for everyone to share your website’s content.

RSS is a severely underrated technology. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it lives up to its name. For example, services such as Feedly.com or Digg Reader will allow visitors to view and share your website’s content on different social media platforms. WordPress automatically creates RSS feeds for your posts, custom post types, post categories and even comments.