Morgan Theme

Getting Started #

Ghost Theme Installation #

Visit your Ghost admin panel by adding “/ghost” to the end of your Ghost site’s URL. In the sidebar of the admin panel, select “Design” from the Settings section.

In the Design section, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Upload a theme” button. A prompt will popup to upload your file. Locate and select the Zip file for your theme.

Once your theme is uploaded, click the “Activate” button to begin using your new theme.

Visit your Ghost site’s admin section and click “Integrations” in the left sidebar.

From the Integrations menu, click the “+ Add custom integration” button at the bottom of the “Custom Integrations” section. Then give the integration the name “Ghost Finder”.

This will generate a Content API Key that you will need to enable search functionality on your site. Copy that API string. You will need this key for the next step.

Now select “Code Injection” from the left sidebar. Then, under the “Site Footer” code text area, enter this piece of code.

  const GhostFinderApiKey = '[YOUR_GHOST_FINDER_API_KEY]';

Replace “[YOUR_GHOST_FINDER_API_KEY]” with the Content API Key from the previous step. Click the “Save” button in the upper-right hand corner.

That’s it, your search functionality should now be fully operational!

Enable Newsletter Signup Form #

The newsletter signup form requires you to enable the “Members” feature in Labs. To do this, visit your Ghost admin page and click the “Labs” link in the left sidebar under Settings.

At the top of the Labs page, click the toggle to the right of “Enable members” to enable the Members feature; the toggle button should turn green. Do the same to the “Allow free member signup” toggle button.

After toggling both of these features on in the Labs admin panel, your newsletter signup form should appear.

Posts #

Affiliate Posts #

Morgan makes it easier than ever to write affiliate articles. By adding the “affiliate” tag to your post, Morgan will display an affiliate disclosure notice at the top of your post.

Here’s an example:

This post contains affiliate links. I do get a percentage from the purchases you make when using them.

If you ever wish to modify this message, edit it in the “content-header.hbs” file in the partials folder. The message text is on line 3.