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    Who We Are

    We’re a digital design studio located in Tempe, Arizona. Clients come to us with a vision. We help them build it.

    At Divto design, we focus on simple and useful experiences. We also make it easy for you to manage your website — add content, make changes, and edit important design elements of your branding.

    Tommy Hare (Founder)

    Some Examples of Our Work


    Ledger offers hardware wallets to store cryptocurrency. This design was part of a refresh for the company.

    By simplifying the site’s design, it makes it easier for customers to find the info they need and buy.

    LO-FI Mix

    LO-FI Mix is a music platform to stream lo-fi music 24/7.

    If you ever need background music to study to, chill out, or get work done — give a try.


    We build beautiful, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use websites for small and large businesses.

    The websites and logos we design for you will remain future-proof for years to come. This saves you time and money down the road.

    100% Mobile Responsive Web Design

    Your website will look great on every device

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      Let Us Make Your Life Easier

      After building your site, we will maintain and manage it for a flat $2,000 per month.

      5 Hours of Support Per Month

      Content Edits

      We will edit any text, graphics, and media content on your website.

      1-3 day Maintenance Turnaround Time

      1. Additional support for $1 per minute

      WordPress Updates

      We monitor your website to keep it up to date and regularly patch security vulnerabilities.

      No Monthly Contract

      Social Interaction

      We manage comment approval and will respond to comments on your website.


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